• Can silicone tableware be disinfected with disinfection cabinet and dishwasher cleaning?

    Silicone tableware is made of food grade Silicone material tableware, Silicone is a kind of highly active adsorption material, is an amorphous substance, insoluble in water, also insoluble in any solvent, is a non-toxic, tasteless, chemically stable material, Silicone tableware in addition to str...
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  • What grades are silicone materials divided into? What kind of silicone products do you buy?

    Rubber is a kind of soft rubber we all know, in many industrial environments can see it, and silicone and rubber so that many friends can not identify their differences, laymen often will mistake silicone for rubber material, and the real silicone material will be mistaken for latex material, so ...
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  • Transparent silicone food wrap

    Transparent silicone food wrap

    How to choose and buy When buying a cling film or plastic wrap, be sure to look for a specific name or chemical structure, and be cautious if the product has only an English name and no Chinese logo. Also, be sure to choose products marked with the words "for food". Ther...
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  • How to clean silicone tableware?

    How to clean silicone tableware?

    I have raised two children, a variety of complementary tableware at home, there is no place to put, especially in the past few years, bought a lot of silicone tableware for children, I have a good idea of how to judge the quality of silicone tableware, how to clean and m...
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  • Food preservation bags bring convenience to our life

    Food preservation bags bring convenience to our life

    Food preservation bags can be said to be everywhere in our lives, but also a powerful helper in our lives. Food preservation bags is to pack food preservation bags, such as eating breakfast in the morning to take away, go to KFC to buy food after packing away, etc. will be used to food preservati...
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  • Advantages of children’s silicone bibs

    Since bibs are a necessity for many children when they eat, many parents choose children’s bibs that are made of good materials for their babies. Some parents, for example, choose silicone bibs for their babies because they think they have a lot of advantages. So what are the advantages of ...
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