Since bibs are a necessity for many children when they eat, many parents choose children’s bibs that are made of good materials for their babies. Some parents, for example, choose silicone bibs for their babies because they think they have a lot of advantages. So what are the advantages of silicone bibs for children?

The advantages of silicone bibs for children

We often see some moms and dads casually wiping their babies’ mouths with their bibs, and babies usually unconsciously rub their drool on their bibs, and many times babies will accidentally eat the bibs into their mouths. These details tell us that bibs are a kind of baby products that are very easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is very important for mothers to choose a suitable silicone bib for children.

What are the specific advantages of silicone children’s bibs.

1. unique silicone ribbon design, the bottom is a bib shape, used to pick up dropped food, keep clothes clean.

2. Suitable for infants, the elderly and sick people to use. To avoid soiling clothes when dining, convenient and practical.

3. Soft non-toxic food-grade silicone material, suitable for contact with skin.

4. Durable and easy to wash, reusable, easy to clean, just wipe to restore cleanliness.

5. Our silicone spit bibs soft material, can be rolled up and collected, easy to carry. Make meal time full of joy, is the ideal meal bib.

When to use silicone bibs for babies

When the baby grows up, parents can let the baby consume supplementary food. But there are inevitable situations when babies eat, such as not being able to get the food into their mouths in time and getting it on their clothes, which looks a little dirty. So this is the time to prepare silicone bibs. So, when is it better to use silicone bibs for babies?

In fact, it is best to use silicone bibs only after one year old. Why? We all know that babies are small when they are young, held in the hand are afraid to fall and hurt, afraid to bump and touch, of course, until the baby is well behaved, began to have a small thinking mind, the body gradually grows up, to use silicone bibs. Premature use of silicone bibs may lead to the baby’s development, because when the baby is still small, for the baby is still very heavy things pressed on his shoulders, harmful to the baby’s development.

Silicone bibs choose food-grade environmentally friendly raw materials production, the material can be trusted, it is made of silicone products manufacturers after more than 200 degrees high temperature processing molding, temperature-resistant waterproof oil-proof, cleaning is very convenient, water can be flushed, can be used repeatedly. And silicone bibs are now commonly used 3D three-dimensional design, groove can easily pocket food, such design is in storage than cotton occupies space. In addition to silicone as a bib can also do the same as other silicone products.

Post time: Mar-16-2022