Food preservation bags can be said to be everywhere in our lives, but also a powerful helper in our lives. Food preservation bags is to pack food preservation bags, such as eating breakfast in the morning to take away, go to KFC to buy food after packing away, etc. will be used to food preservation bags, used to package bags when buying ingredients in the supermarket. These food preservation bags are also in direct or indirect contact with each other and the food, then the safety of these food preservation bags are also related to the health and safety of people eating food. Therefore, the food packaging used in the freshness of the bag, it is necessary to use the regular manufacturers produced, there will be relevant parts of the approval of qualified products.


Food preservation bag is more familiar is its practicality, can bring great convenience for consumers. Good quality comes from high-quality raw materials, Shenghequan food preservation bag using a new production principle, combined with high-strength PE particles, flexible and durable, to prevent breakage, with dirt, water, oil, dust and other functions; preservation bag and food fit, can lock the food moisture, keep fresh; use safe and secure, healthy; heat-resistant 120 ℃, cold-resistant -60 ℃, microwave oven, convenient and affordable; tougher and thicker The bag is a rolled bag with sufficient volume, close to zero paper roll core; the bag is tough, breakage and leak-proof, more secure in use; humanized roll use and convenient storage, the middle of the roll is hollowed out, easy to use, with a convenient hollow in the middle, when not in use, can be hung through, saving space; dotted dotted line design into one, fresh bags each dotted dotted line link together into a roll, when using it will be a One tear, convenient and tearing mouth flat, not easy to tear bad, to avoid clutter at the same time, but also save space; with complete specifications, a variety of specifications for your choice, you can also choose to customize; surface also through the bump processing anti-adhesive, non-slip design, easy to use; constant hot bottom, more solid bottom, lifting heavy objects is not easy to break; moisture permeability and impermeability performance to effectively maintain the freshness of food, vegetables, fruits; suitable for Refrigerator, microwave oven, food preservation, hair care, food grade environmental protection.

Post time: Mar-16-2022