I have raised two children, a variety of complementary tableware at home, there is no place to put, especially in the past few years, bought a lot of silicone tableware for children, I have a good idea of how to judge the quality of silicone tableware, how to clean and maintain tableware.

Speaking of which, silicone tableware is only emerging in these years, but soon, moms and dads buy complementary dinner plates are choosing silicone, because this material silicone, especially suitable for children to do tableware.

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Compared with ceramic, plastic, stainless steel tableware, silicone tableware is non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance, 240 ° sterilization will not deform, but also low temperature resistance, -40 ° freezing will not harden, but also resistant to fall, the child is not afraid to hold unstable or like to fall bowl, fell also no sound, the mother will not have so much fire ......

In addition, it works well with food temperature, whether it is cold or hot, after putting it in it can reduce the temperature change, while blocking the temperature transfer, not to let the baby burn.

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Previously, everyone used tableware, have their own drawbacks, such as ceramic easy to fall, plastic is not high temperature, and temperature difference, the use of a long time easy to turn yellow, stainless steel is too slippery, and can not be loaded with strong electrolytes, easy to rust ......

And silicone tableware can naturally make suction cups, to the table can be placed on it, to prevent children from knocking over meals, this feature has captured the hearts of many moms and dads.

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After buying silicone tableware, the first time before use, it is best to rinse with water, because silicone products with a little by static electricity, so in the process of transport, it may be covered with a lot of dust, you can use a relatively soft cotton dishwasher or sponge dish towels to clean, wash dry and put in a ventilated place to dry, cover, to prevent it again adsorbed dust particles in the air.

By the way, we usually wash dishes must be dry or dry dishes before putting them in the cupboard, because if you leave water, microorganisms will grow inside. Baby's complementary tableware is best to buy when you ask if there is a dust cover, because the adsorption of dust is a feature of all silicone tableware, so it is very necessary to buy a cover.

After the usual meal, the dishwashing process is actually very simple, because silicone tableware does not absorb oil, so a simple oil stain with a little rinse of water washed off.

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Some silicone tableware used for a long time, will feel a layer of sticky surface, because although each time to wash dishes water rinse is good, but a long time, because the silicone molecules between the space hidden in the oil, it is difficult to wash off.

And silicone is also divided into ordinary silicone and food-grade silicone, ordinary silicone is mainly used in other products, such as industrial and electronic fields, using ordinary translucent silicone raw materials and ordinary vulcanization process.

The raw material of silica gel used in platinum silicone is highly transparent, and the vulcanization process uses platinum vulcanizing agent, so there will be no yellowing and deformation in long-term use, and the safety performance is more prominent, efficient and tasteless, with long service life and outstanding performance.

To prevent this from happening, I often put the silicone tableware in water with detergent for 10-30 minutes and then wash it, and I disinfect it regularly, and it's easy to disinfect it by steaming and boiling it in a pot. Some homes have bottle sterilizers that can be UV sterilized, and silicone dishes can be put in for sterilization.

Post time: Mar-16-2022