Rubber is a kind of soft rubber we all know, in many industrial environments can see it, and silicone and rubber so that many friends can not identify their differences, laymen often will mistake silicone for rubber material, and the real silicone material will be mistaken for latex material, so not to mention the grade of silicone and the difference, So people who know rubber and plastic materials know that there are many different levels and differences between silicone and rubber, such as natural rubber, butyl, chloroprene, fluorine rubber, and silicone also has levels, such as industrial grade, food grade, medical grade, you will distinguish their differences!

silicone in all the soft colloid is one of the best performance materials, it in all aspects of the characteristics are more comprehensive quality, so many industries have chosen to use it as the main body or spare parts, and food grade and ordinary grade is also divided into gas phase and precipitation level, the difference between the two is that the compound properties of the material is different, the main body is basically the same.

For example, precipitated silicone is mainly precipitated silica black. This silica black uses oil and gas at high temperature to prepare sodium silicate made of carylonisha and soda ash into a dilute solution of high concentration, and then adds certain compounds through cleaning, filtering and crushing to get precipitated silica black. Add silicone oil, silica and other materials to get precipitated silicone rubber raw materials.

The vapor silicone this is the use of silicon tetrachloride combustion of silicon dioxide in the addition of silicone oil, silica black, siloxane and other substances to get the vapor silicone material, also known as food grade silicone, its high density, silicon molecular detail can be up to more than 1000 mesh, so the product tensile rebound, tear resistance is better than ordinary grade silicone material, but the price is more expensive.

But ordinary you and I can hardly tell with the naked eye whether the silicone product belongs to the ordinary silicone material or the food grade silicone material, so the only way is to use techniques to identify, for example, when the production of tensile rebound, the ordinary silicone will appear white fog appears on the surface of the stretching point is more obvious, while the gas phase glue will not produce white fog phenomenon when stretching.

Secondly, in the combustion is the combustion of ordinary silicone material will appear white smoke, but the powder particles after the combustion of the product belong to a relatively large and easy to crumble, and the gas phase glue will also appear this phenomenon, but the combustion powder of food grade silicone will be finer, and not easy to crumble, the combustion time is longer than that of ordinary precipitation glue.

So when identifying them, you can basically tell whether they are food grade or ordinary grade materials by hand. But of course, it is not that ordinary glue cannot meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection. At present, food-grade silicone material is mainly used in life where there are more contact with the body and skin, such as silicone kitchen utensils, silicone daily necessities, silicone pacifiers, and ordinary glue is usually used in electronic equipment. Silicone seals, silicone gaskets and so on, so there are differences.

Post time: Dec-12-2022